Last September 27th, the Mather Consortium organized the mid-term event at the VEGA park in Marghera (Venice) in order to present the objectives of Mather Project and to disseminate the innovative tool among industries, academia and authorities.

The Consortium chose Vega Park in Porto Marghera, the industrial area of Venice (Italy), as it is an historical example, at European level, of work, industry, social redemption and injustices that primarily hit workers exposed to dangerous substances. The redevelopment process of this industrial area led to create of one of the most important science and technology park in Italy.

Event’s purpose was to present MATHER project to companies as well as to other stakeholders from academic and public administration, involving them in a free debate analysing several points about material, chemical and environmental issues.

The speaker panel included, among others, policy makers (Veneto Region) and academic institutions (NTUA, University of Venice, University of Padova) and also two LIFE projects that had the chance to present their innovations.

Each presentation contributed to outline, as a frame around the MATHER project tool, other best practices in materials and environmental sustainability. In Particular the event hosted the following interesting speeches:

  • Moreno Da Ros, from Research Innovation and Energy Direction, Veneto Region
    The Innovation and Environment in EU2020: the Veneto Region Strategies
  • Professor Antonis Kokossis from National Technical University of Athens
    The use of LCA into a business opportunity using a forward screening approach
  • Valentina Beghetto, from University of Venice, Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems
    Dr. Beghetto presented the best practices in materials and environmental sustainability fields.
  • Filippo Mazzariol, project manager for Unioncamere Veneto and APRE Veneto.
    Mr. Mazzariol presented an overview about the European Financial Instrument in support of environmental projects.
  • Roberto Santolamazza, T2i Director
    He focused his speech on the new tools of digital transformation useful for companies to monitor their environmental impact.

During the morning also two other LIFE projects focused on sustainability, LIFE VERMEER and LIFE AskREACH, were presented to the audience in order to show complementary best practices and to give a wider view of the LIFE initiative. As networking projects, they had also the possibility to expose their brochures and posters for enhancing their dissemination potential.

The central part of the event was dedicated to the MATHER project and, in particular, to the objectives and the expected results of the tool, disclosing about the protection of the human health and environment.

The project was presented by the partner and in particular:

  • Paola Basta (Whirlpool EMEA)
  • Raffaella Abile (Whirlpool EMEA)
  • Paraskevi Karka (NTUA)
  • Marco Galanti (t2i)

The final part of the event was dedicated to a round table, in which professionals interested in MATHER tool and its novelties were invited to share their best practices and opinions on these themes.

Nicola Moro – Management System and Product Certification – eAmbiente srl

Life Cycle Assessment as sustainability measurement tool

Paolo Longo – Project Engineer – Anodica Trevigiana Spa

How Open Innovation is changing Anodica and its relationship with environmental issues

Gian Antonio Susto – Assistant Professor for Department of Information Engineering – University of Padua

Industry 4.0: new technology for the data exchange.