3rd Face-to-face meeting and workshop in ATHENS

Last October 23rd and 24th the Mather project Consortium organized the third face-to-face meeting in Athens.

They were two days very productive in which the partners had the chance to take the stock of the project activities already implemented and those in progress.

On October 24th, the lead partner Whirlpool introduced the first results of the MATHER project during the workshop “ICT Applications for Monitoring Electrical & Electronic Appliances Environmental Friendly & Sustainable Life Cycle”.

The workshop was an important moment of debate with other Greek stakeholders working in the environmental sustainability and ICT sectors.

The event focused on the use of web-based ICT applications for the environmental friendly and sustainable monitoring of Electrical & Electronic Appliances entire life cycle from the stage of production up to their end-of-life management.




Workshop with experts’ contribution in developing ICT web-based tools and platforms for monitoring production and end-of-life management of electrical and electronic appliances in line with policies and regulations and based on ‘zero waste discharge’ principles.


Consultation forum for the environmental friendly & sustainable design, management and treatment of EEE Products.


Check out more about the event on the website: http://ipsen.ntua.gr/2nd-life-mather-workshop-6th-consultation-life-reweee-forum/